Library campaigners show support for the Ritzy workers

Library campaigners joined a lively solidarity rally for the Ritzy workers who are fighting for the London Living Wage. Not only have their employers Picturehouse /Cineworld continued to refuse to pay their staff the LLW, but they have recently sacked 4 of the union reps for standing up for their rights! Defend the 10 supports the workers in a dispute that has now become linked to the future of West Norwood library as Lambeth Council is working with Picturehouse to build a new cinema on the former library site. The development will see the return of the library  but much smaller than it was in a deal which involves paying service charges to Picturehouse while gifting the cinema a 5 year rent-free arrangement. Lots to worry about for our library service as well as concern for the pay and conditions of the future cinema workers…
Library support the Ritzy workers