Dear Lib Peck

Dear Lib Peck, Leader Lambeth Council
In Lambeth, as you will know, we have been fighting for our library service. In the last year, under your administration we have seen two libraries lose their staffing and two more closed completely.
You have said it’s necessary because of Tory austerity and government cuts in local council budgets and that it’s a ‘tough choice’. We have always understood the pressures you are under but believe there is another way – you don’t have to carry out the Tory’s bidding.
Now, with the general election approaching, there can be no better time to make a stand, there is a chance to end austerity. Libraries give such huge value to the whole community and cost so little and yet the last 7 years of Tory government has seen nearly 500 libraries closed nationally. This government has brought us worsening housing, worsening job opportunities and a rise in racism and division.
When Jeremy Corbyn launched the Labour Party election campaign he attacked Tory austerity as ‘the establishment versus the people’ and said that it was the Labour Party’s ‘historic duty’ to stand with the people. We are asking you to do this – re-open the libraries, stop giving money to GLL and Picturehouse to build leisure facilities for those who can afford it and instead fight for the people who vote for you. Re-open our Libraries!

Lib Peck letter image