Into the New Year… the campaign continues

Campaigners  continued to meet fortnightly right up to the end of the year. With the council still intent on its scandalous £4million giveaway to replace libraries with gyms and its plans to further decimate the borough’s library service, the campaign against the council’s plans continues.

Next actions:

Thursday 12th January: Campaign meeting 8pm Brixton Library. All welcome!

Monday 16th January: Council Cabinet meeting – Details to follow

Tuesday 17th  January: Planning Committee Meeting: Objections to GLL’s gym planning applications for Carnegie are in and we now await the planning meeting where it will be passed. Thank you to all those who submitted objections. We will know by the time we meet on 12th whether this will be the meeting to attend!!! DETAILS TO FOLLOW!!! 

Defend the 10 campaigners have been taking part in the council’s consultation sessions set up to examine the levels of inequality in the borough. We have been emphasising the powerful role of libraries in tackling inequality and pointing out the impact of removing the service from already deprived communities…