Carnegie Library – Object to the planning application

Act now to tell Lambeth council (yet again) that everyone wants a proper library in the Carnegie Library, Herne Hill, and nobody wants a gym.
But you’ll have to be quick.
VERY quick.

A planning application is being rushed through. The deadline for comments is 9th December.

It was pushed back from the original deadline of 29th November after numerous complaints that locals had not been informed – not even the library’s nearest neighbours – and no notice had been posted on the much-loved building, or anywhere in the locality.

Friends of Carnegie Library, with its partner the Carnegie Library Association, are working flat-out to tell people what’s going on.

One challenge is that the plan is awful in so many ways that it takes some explaining.

It is not enough to complain that “we want a library, not a gym”- as many already have.
That does not count in planning terms.
Luckily the plan contravenes Lambeth policies and planning requirements in multiple ways.
Just keep in touch for full information.

Briefly: Lambeth and GLL want to spend millions wrecking a listed building AND its unique garden.
The resulting botch would be far less use as a community resource of any kind.
And far less attractive to those who would have hired space to boost income.
The damage would be irreversible.



Find out the truth, and OBJECT!

PLOUGH THROUGH the documents, with 24 attachments, at https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control
and check them against numerous planning documents, which they contravene at multiple points.

1. JOIN Friends of Carnegie Library to keep updated.
NB: More information will be available at the Carnegie Christmas reunion on Sat December 3rd, 11am-3pm, at Herne Hill United church hall, top of Red Post Hill.

2. JOIN its partner the Carnegie Library Association, a democratic charity (free).
See its full business plan, widely publicised locally, consulted on at two public meetings, aiming to make the Carnegie a busy community facility with a proper library.
NB: the rival local group, Carnegie Community Trust, has no membership, no democratic structure and has held no public meetings.



Picture: Carnegie Library friends celebrate the 110th anniversary of the library in July this year.