• Tue
    4:00 pmCarnegie library, Herne Hill Road

    cropped-carnegie-library-march-apr-2016-19-mike-urban-there-out.jpg2 years since the councillors locked the library doors, the fight for our library is as important as ever! April 3rd marks the date they stole our library from us and the determined fightback by the community in the ten day occupation. It will also be exactly one month before the May council elections.

    The council spin continues as they congratulate themselves for re-opening the library and securing its future. Defend the 10, Lambeth UNISON and the Friends of Carnegie Library have persevered in exposing the truth about the financial disaster of the gym deal and the giving away of a public library building to an unaccountable council-promoted Trust. A library at Carnegie is far from returned and far from secure! a message to councillors

    Join us on April 3rd  to demand a restoration of a full public library service at Carnegie library and send a clear message to the councillors who continue to fail the people who elected them.By-Election Window Leaflet