Report 5th April 2016

Lambeth Labour is panicking!

Wilder and wilder claims are being made, as people start seriously questioning their pseudo-libraries plan.

You’ll see the same words on the council’s website, every Labour councillor’s ‘independent’ blog and every Labour councillor’s ‘individual’ letter.  The answer is the same, no matter what query you might have made in the first place…  The most recent is this one from Jane Edbrooke which we will reply to in more detail tomorrow.

And, shamefully, you’ll get the same formula from almost anyone else you might contact in an attempt to get round the brick wall. That’s been our experience so far, anyway.

We’ve tried council leader Lib Peck, chief exec Sean Harriss and MPs Helen Hayes and Chuka Umunna; they always toe the party line.


Kate Hoey – Bilge-free area

The one gold star is Kate Hoey, Vauxhall Labour MP. She has always been a defender of libraries against Labour Lambeth, and she still is.

Her message to campaigners – unlike the council’s – is short and accurate:

“You have my complete solidarity in your aims. Of all the measures Lambeth council, under different political leaderships, have taken over my 27 years as an MP, this decision is one of the most upsetting and shocking.

“There is no logic to it and the hypocrisy is breathtaking.

“To imply that a library is remaining at Minet and Carnegie is just nonsense. Those benefactors who bequeathed a library for the community must be turning in their graves.

“My hope is that the GYMS will be complete financial failures and that GLL will see sense and realize they are besmirching their name as a social enterprise in getting involved with this grubby deal with Lambeth.

“THANK YOU to all who have campaigned so hard on this.

“Lambeth will, I hope, regret their short-sighted policy.”


Dulwich and West Norwood constituency Labour Party

DAWN (Dulwich and West Norwood constituency Labour party) voted decisively against Lambeth’s crazy gym/bookshelf plans – and FOR the viable alternative to keep all 10 libraries as… er… libraries.

So they were bemused to see the exact opposite view churned (above) out in the name of “Herne Hill Labour”.

Well, not so much bemused as furious.

So they had a little go at the text from their councillors.

Will Jim, Michelle and Jack listen to their own party members? Will DAWN’s MP, Helen Hayes? If not, should any of them claim to represent members at all?


Stop Press

We have just heard that Jane Edbrooke is being moved from her post with responsibility for Libraries.  See