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Picture – Lambeth’s Library staff express their support.

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Thank you. An inspirational occupation. At a time when it feels like everything positive in our society is being sold off, stripped down and simplified – you have shown the world that the community spirit is alive and kicking and will fight to defend the things that truly matter.

You’re all brilliant – keep going!

Manasi xx

I fully support the action you are taking. What this government is doing in any number of areas is basically “criminal”. It seems a lot of their policies are ideologically driven. Keep the number crunchers happy and all will be well. I hope to drop by sometime this Friday to lend my moral support. Keep going!!


Hello Lambeth Libraries Campaign,

My name is Floyd Codlin and I am writing to you on behalf of a number of PCS activists in the culture sector to send you a message of solidarity, please see attached.

Until last year I was the branch secretary of PCS at the British Library and Candy Udwin is the current chair of PCS at the National Gallery, we were wondering if we could, on Wednesday evening, visit the occupation to also hand over a message of support and solidarity as well as any supplies that you deem necessary and appropriate.
Best wishes



I am so proud of you. I have come to offer support and company on the stairs of the library, but I have also been talking about what you’ve
done with my daughter who is three years old. She was hoping to come and see you as well, but this is what she said, “Some bigger kids, they have to sleep in the library, so that everyone can go to the library. We want it to be there for everybody. Are they brave, mummy?”

“Yes”, I said, “they are brave”.

So you are. Thank you for this, for the campaign and the attention that this draws to something that is so important for us all.

Dr Alison Powell
Programme leader, MSc in Data and Society at the London School of Economics
Mother and Lambeth Library user

I just wanted to send the occupiers of Carnegie Library a message of support and solidarity from me and others in my branch. Actions like yours are brave and inspirational – we need more services like public libraries, not less, and we would like to thank you for standing up against the absurd plans to close them. Do let us know if there is anything in particular we can do to publicise or support your campaign and actions.

Best wishes for a successful outcome!

Steven Ellis
Branch Secretary, Birkbeck UNISON

Dear Lambeth Libraries Campaign,

Southwark UNISON branch salutes you! Lambeth Council must be forced to listen to reason. Please do let us know
what practical support we can contribute. We will be discussing your brave actions at our Branch Committee on Thursday. You are an example for us all.


Sue Plain

I popped around earlier today with some supplies. I just want to let you know I support your campaign to keep the library open. I think it’s disgraceful how the council have behaved over this and other issues. No-one wants a gym there – there’s already one just down the road at Flaxman sports centre, so why do they need another one here? One of the most annoying things is how they keep lying and saying that the library will reopen with the same books. But how on earth is that possible when most of the space will be occupied with gym equipment? They must think people are stupid. And replying to people’s legitimate concerns with pictures of yawning cats just goes to show the degree of contempt in which they hold the people they are supposed to represent.

I think whatever happens here over the medium term something has to be done to get rid of these odious people in the council. They shouldn’t be trusted to organise a booze up in a brewery, never mind run a London borough.

All the best,

Total support from me Susannah B, for your campaign to keep the libraries open. Such important places for the communities and very few people support the idea of a gym instead, its a nonsense.

We are Lewisham residents and members of the Defend Torridon Road Library campaign, and want to express our support and admiration for what you are doing. Through your occupation you are doing more than anyone else to focus attention on the national scandal of libraries being closed down in one of the richest countries in the world. The library service kept going through two world wars and through times of real hardship and depression – and now suddenly we can’t afford it! Thank you – you are inspiring us and other library campaigners throughout the country.

In solidarity,
Defend Torridon Road Library

To those occupying the Carnegie Library,
This is just a short e-mail from a tall children’s-author — the hyphen denoting that it’s me who’s tall, rather than the children I write for, though some of them may well be tall — offering a metaphorical salute to you all for what you’re trying to do for the community
Carnegie would be turning in his grave if he knew that there were plans to turn one of his generously donated and much-loved libraries into a “healthy living centre with self-service neighbourhood library” if he could work out what on God’s Earth it actually meant.
I suspect it involves weight-lifting with encyclopedias… and saving money.
If libraries — staffed with proper, qualified librarians — didn’t exist, someone would invent them.
Bastardising them or destroying them is as short-sighted as a mole wearing sunglasses with its eyes closed.
Keep fighting the good fight! So many people from all walks of life are behind you.
With very best wishes,
Philip Ardagh



Dear Carnegie Library friends,
You’re all doing a great job trying to save the Carnegie library and Minet library from the voracious appetite for transforming libraries into gyms by Lambeth council. Keep up the fight as long as you are able and don’t feel bullied by the council. You can feel proud of yourselves.

Torla x

You are heroes- each and every one of you.

So grateful to you for sticking it out!


I’m a young mum in the area and I think what you are doing is great.
My kids use the library at least once a week, often multiple times. I am convinced that the library closure will impact the poorest and most vulnerable in the local community the most, and that the GLL plans are completely unworkable and undesirable.
I really hope the protest is successful.
Good luck, and keep the updates coming!!
Proud to be a friend of the Carnegie Library

Libraries are more than books, they are a basic human right, how can you teach yourself/ children to read without a library? That parent that has to chose between nappies& food how do they access information? We are all entitled to an option but how do to reference/ check it/ see if others share it without a library, libraries are food for the imagination& soul. We library campaigners must get together& forge one campaign as by segregating the working class is to shut us up, thus if we forge together they wont be able to! , maybe having a day were all library campaigners protesting outside our libraries at the same day& time would say they aren’t shutting us up.


Solidarity& support from Save Coventry Libraries.




Solidarity Message to Save Lambeth Libraries Campaign

Dear Comrades,

I am writing on behalf of activists in the PCS Culture Sector Group in support of the occupation of Carnegie Library in Lambeth.

We would like to send the most heartfelt solidarity to all the parents, children, librarians and library assistants and supporters, involved in this campaign.

We are full of admiration at your élan, your daring, courage and panache at running an intelligent, inclusive, dynamic campaign against the attempts by Lambeth Council…A Labour council note, attempting to put a price on knowledge, a cost on community.

The council claims that the two libraries set for closure will re-open in 2017 at some point. This is the same council that is currently social cleansing residents from so many working class estates and then selling them off to property developers. So, why should we believe them about the boroughs libraries?

As workers and activists in the culture sector, we are fully aware of the importance of a properly funded library service. A service that acts as the heart and lungs of the community and that lifts people up and expands horizons.

We hereto pledge to do all that we can to:

  • Publicise your struggle

  • Link it to other fights against library closures up and down the country-such as in Coventry and Sunderland

  • Bring what supplies you deem necessary to sustain the occupation for as long as it lasts

We also support your call for Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and other Labour leaders to go to the occupation to discuss with the campaigners what can be done to fight the Tories’ cuts. We know that solidarity works, last year we managed to win huge gains at the National Gallery in our fight against privatization because of the amazing support we received for our strike action

In Solidarity,

Clara Paillard, President, PCS Culture Sector Group,

Tom Taylor, PCS/Secretary, SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee-personal capacity,

Candy Udwin, PCS National Gallery

Floyd Codlin, PCS delegate to SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee 

Tracey Edwards, PCS Culture Secretary

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