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Solidarity to you from Londonmet UCU and students too. Well done for occupying. Stay strong you are right. Christina

We fully support the occupation and we will do everything we can to oppose the
undemocratic transfer of the Carnegie Library to GLL/CCT. The Carnegie is the heart of the
Herne Hill community and the community *must* be consulted before any transfer
takes place.

Nick Edwards
Herne Hill Green Party

Your fight to stop the closure of your library is an inspiration. As a teacher, I know how important local libraries are, not only to children but to their families as well. Libraries are an essential part of any decent society and the decision to close so many in Lambeth is a shameful one from our Labour council.
Solidarity to you all,
Jess Edwards
Lambeth NUT joint secretary and NUT rep at Reay Primary School


Southwark Unite Branch LE1339 support your campaign against Lambeth’s Labour run Council, to defend public Library services and buildings. Above all the absolute need to retain a Library service run by qualified paid staff on agreed terms and conditions and resist the Council’s cost savings strategy solution to close some Libraries and introduce unpaid volunteers in those earmarked to remain open. This will only be a temporary remedy that will, lead to the eventual privatisation and destruction of this essential public service.
I unfortunately could not attend today’s campaigning event but please keep me informed of forth coming planned events.
My Unite colleagues in Bromley, have been battling against the Tory Council to save their Public Libraries with strikes, marches and protest with over 80 % of public support. SEE email re: solidarity information, below:

Best regards

Henry Mott (southwark Unite Branch Secretary)

All power to the occupation, defending Carnegie library as a community space. Lambeth Green Party supports the proposal for a staff/community mutual trust to keep all ten libraries open, instead of the expensive Council plan to replace Carnegie and Minet with gyms against the wishes of the people of Lambeth. Our libraries are not for sale!

With best wishes,
Charmian Kenner (for Lambeth Green Party)

Hi everyone,

Well done and keep going! I am not a South London resident, but please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you. I am a freelance journalist with a specialism in books and the arts, so very happy to help.

I am particularly appalled by some of the things elected councillors are posting on social media and am trying to hold them to account. To suggest that wanting to protect library services means that protestors are somehow indifferent to provision for the homeless and for vulnerable women is a complete disgrace.

All very best wishes to you all,

Alex Clark

As a local resident with a baby and preschooler I use the local libraries so much and Carnegie is hands down our favourite. The librarians and warm and helpful and the children’s space is fantastic.

It’s shocking that the council has closed this wonderful space and criminal that this resource is being taken away from everyone young and old.

It’s depressing to think what will be left for our children.

People like you give me hope that we can fight back and save our beautiful and valuable libraries.

We’re with you in spirit. Keep it up!


It’s places like the Carnegie that makes me proud to live in London. The community spirit is so strong, it has to be protected. It is the essence of community.
No one wants another gym. How is that benefiting the elderly and very young ?
My children learned to read at the Carnegie & went on to study for GCSE & A levels in this quiet supportive space.

You’re so very brave. I’m crying.

Good luck
Brent, Colorado, USA


The news of the occupation in defence of your library is an inspiration. It shows the way to resist austerity and that labour councils that implement cuts to working people need to be opposed. With the Tories in crisis we can win!

Bursary or Bust, the campaign to save the NHS Bursary fully support the magnificent occupation of the Carnegie Library.

Our struggles against cuts to public services are the same and we send you our solidarity.

Way to Go we support you all.

Hi all those involved in #carnegieoccupation.

I am so impressed with your campaign. I’m based in Dar Es Salam in Tanzania and l have been avidly watching your story. It is a shining example of community spirit and local people passionately supporting what they believe to be right. I think you are an example to the world. Your voice and message is being heard around the world. Please do keep it up.

If I was more local I’d come and join you and bring you some food but I am sending you all a virtual hug.

Best wishes


Thinking of you all. Wish we could be there. What you are all doing is so vitally important. I just hope this madness ends on a positive note. In the meantime hang on in there. Gemma and Family. Gxxx

Well done for everything that you are doing. You are all absolute heroes! Thanks for everything you are doing for the community and the inspiration you are giving people.

I was inside on Friday (what an amazing community vibe) and Saturday. I wasn’t going to come today but then I saw those stupid, childish tweets from Lambeth Labour councillors and I was so angry that it forced me into coming out. It shows that you have them on the ropes-if their proposals had any community support or made any sense they wouldn’t have to resort to these childish tactics. Ironically, all they are doing is inspiring more people to get involved.

There is so much support for you all in the community-I have been making sure my neighbours know + e-mailing Lambeth + Helen Hayes. Do you know that at the Herne Hill hustings last year she said (I memorised the quote) “I will fight tooth and nail to keep the Carnegie open”. Time she kept her word.

I don’t do Twitter, but just a thought-have you thought about tweeting Yannis Varoufakis (former Greek finance minister) @yanisvaroufakis. He is currently in London and is speaking next Wednesday with Owen Jones of the Guardian. I have a ticket-will try to get a plug in for the occupation.

Keep strong-we are with you 100%.

With Best wishes,

To all those amazing protesters

I have just watches tonight’s news and – again – am shocked and saddened that – again – another of our precious libraries is under threat of closure.


Not everyone has the Internet!

Not everyone wants to Google!

Some people just want to sit, read and be in the company of likeminded others.

I have taken pride in encouraging my children, now aged 24 and 21, that books are to be cherished and are an amazing educational and entertainment tool. We spent many an hour browsing the shelves for books that they may never have known existed if libraries didn’t exist.

I rarely champion the cause but in this instance I back you all wholly and wish that this can reach a positive result.

Will be watching your progress all the way!

Well done 😊


Solidarity with our fight.

Harlow SWP

Solidarity from Bromley Cuts Concern group.

Ann Garrett [ Sec ]

Thank you for your efforts to save Carnegie Library! We have just moved into the neighbourhood, so we don’t know the library or its community yet, but we strongly believe in the importance of local libraries.

Please let us know what kind of supplies you need and we will drop some by.

Dear everyone
Keep up the good work defending free access to culture and knowledge. Carnegie Library was a vital point in my life when I was living in Finsen Rd. It helped me become who I am today. My two sisters also …..
We all went on to higher education and successful careers…but more importantly, the library(partly) quenched our thirst for knowledge and enabled us to learn to learn…..
Thinking of you all here in France.

Hi you brave people on the inside.

I just wanted to send a message of thanks to the people who are having to leave today because of work or study. We know that you are leaving with a heavy heart and that you’d much rather stay. We on the outside say: be proud that you have done this for all of us and set in motion the wheel of a very big machine. We are all playing our different parts in this and you have really focussed and strengthened our efforts.

T H A N K Y O U !


XX Lottie

Dear Lambeth Libraries Campaign,

Southwark UNISON branch salutes you! Lambeth Council must be forced to listen to reason. Please do let us know

what practical support we can contribute. We will be discussing your brave actions at our Branch Committee on Thursday. You are an example for us all.


Sue Plain

Branch Secretary

Southwark UNISON

Libraries are such a vital part of our community. Keep going, Occupiers. You are doing a grand thing opposing an attack by Lambeth on all that a Labour Council ought to hold dear.

Best wishes


Imagine if the steel workers occupied their plants as well! In fact, why don’t you send them a message of solidarity and suggest it? We’d soon stop these thieving Tories in their tracks. You are a beacon lighting the way forward. We need libraries. And we salute you.

In solidarity,

Kim, John, Alison, Kathy, Liz, Ants, Steve, Tori and Jonny

you are all doing a fantastic job, don’t let the theiving council win. keep going as long as you can, I would love to be there inside with you, but am rooting for you outside. Love & Peace. Dawnx


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