Demands from the occupiers

We, the people of Lambeth occupying the Carnegie Library, call on Lambeth Council:

1. To listen to the people they represent

2. To keep all Lambeth libraries fully open with professional library staff; the scrap their plans for closures and healthy living centres, and reverse their decision

3. To re-open the Carnegie and Minet Libraries with immediate effect, with all library staff, to continue to provide a full library service

4. To adopt the community/staff mutual plan which will keep all ten libraries fully operational as part of a full library service for the borough. This offers a creative, innovative solution in the face of cuts

5. To collaborate with all the Friends groups as set out in Lambeth policy

6. Not to transfer the Carnegie Library building, which was given for a library for the benefit of the community, to the ‘Carnegie Community Trust’ which does not represent the community.

Carnegie Library
Herne Hill
31st March 2016, 10pm