Write to the councillors for Upper Norwood Library

Cut and paste the email below into your own email software and send to the following three email addresses. Feel free to add some extra text of your own. Don’t forget to sign your own name at the end.

Matthew Bennett mpbennett@lambeth.gov.uk
Jennifer Braithwaite jbrathwaite@lambeth.gov.uk
Niranjan Francis nrfrancis@lambeth.gov.uk

Dear Councillor …,

I am writing to ask you to reverse the proposals made by Lambeth Council to close Upper Norwood Library as a council run library to turn into a resource centre run by a community trust.

A bookshelf in community centre is not a library. There will not be enough staff to hold story and rhymetimes, reading groups, homework clubs or offer advice on applying for jobs and benefits. Lambeth won’t only lose half its libraries, we will lose our dementia groups, our film clubs, our English conversation groups, our chess clubs, our coders clubs, our access to advice and information and our safe and neutral spaces for children to study. Lambeth Council is ripping the heart out of our communities.

I am calling on Lambeth Council to halt their action immediately before it’s irreversible.



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